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About me
Rashi Choudhary

Hi! I’m Rashi Choudhary, an award winning hippie-go-lucky sole from the heart of Incredible India. I am a social media influencer, passionate about travel, staycation and lifestyle - Inspiring others to Explore Life's Magic. With my experience of exploring 10+ countries, I circle the globe promoting scenic destinations, experiences, hotels and brands.

My biggest aspiration is to inspire people to step out to celebrate the little moments and experience the beauty of the world, to live the best possible versions of themselves. I was recently been awarded as ‘Women Leadership Award 2022’ & "Top Indian Women Under 40" by ZeeNews, FoxStory, IndianSaga and Google.

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Nothing worth achieving is instant. But every week I will give you one task you can do on the weekend. Just complete it and trust the process